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If you want more information about nature, fishing or accommadations in the area please contact us by phone or email:

Lars Emilson

070-568 11 85



Rolf Henriques

070-397 52 93


Henrik Gynnemo

070-565 41 62


Lennart Mattsson

070-647 01 60


Fishing rules:

Note that certain rules apply to fishing in Vistens FVOF and you are obliged to know these rules. More info about this rules you can get at each place where you buy a fishing license or by contact one of above persons.


Visten fishing preservation area

Welcome to Visten's fishing preservation area, one of Forshaga kommuns largest fishing area. We can offer you a funny and varied fishing in many water types. Everyting from boat fishing in Visten - our largest lake - to angling in Kvarntorpsån, an idyllic small stream in beautiful nature.

Nearby are Forshagaforsen which is one of Scandinavia´s best salmon fishing waters. From Klarälvrummets porch you can, if yo're lucky, see the salmon jump in the rapids.

Within a half hour trip is also Bergviks mall and IKEA. One of Sweden's largest trade places with an infinite variety of shopping.

The fishing, the area's beautiful nature and the nearness to attractions such as Selma Lagerlöfs Mårbacka, Rottneros park and Ransäter will make your stay here a memoty for life.